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SexedChat Made Live Sex Chat Easier And Kinkier

The search for sexy models can finally stop because SexedChat has everything that anyone needs. There are more than 10000 registered models on this site and more than 200 are online at every moment. Girls, guys, couples, you name it. There are enough models in each category and none of those categories are empty.

Finding the right model among lots of them is pretty hard so this site has few amazing features that made narrowing models to just a few much easier. Arranging models by popularity is well-known among all live cam sites and this site has it also. Looking for the models by the name is also available by typing anything in the search box. The last thing about arranging models is looking at only new models on the site or only at the shows that are free.

All kinds of categories are available. There are ones that everyone searches for like ‘Teen', ‘MILF' and ‘Big tits'. Those shows are only about nudity and there are rarely shows which include sex toys. But, there are also categories for those who are into kinkier content like 'Fetish', 'Footjob' or ‘Anal sex'. Sex toys are the key factors in these shows and they can be used in many different ways. The content of any show can depend on the age of the models because some inexperienced models are not ready to go an extra mile like some other models.

Two types of shows for every model is what you can expect on Sexed Chat. The free show is supposed to be like the test show just so you can see what you are getting into. All kinds of features are available for these shows. Take a screenshot, talk with the model or you can even read a little bit of her biography. Every model has a photo gallery that is available to everyone for free. The other type of show is private show and one minute there costs around $2. The prices can vary for every model. It depends on what kind of show is offered.

There are promotional prices for credits on this site. Creating an account is free but credits are not. You can choose from 5 different packages with credits which are cheaper in bigger packages. The smallest package is with 18 credits and it costs 21 EUR and the biggest package is with 158 credits and it costs 161 EUR. There is a small bonus for every package except for the smallest one. The bigger the package, the bigger the bonus is. Creating an account is exactly like creating a Gmail account. Putting in just a few lines of information will get the job done.

The favorites section is well-known on other sites and that site is used to select any model you like to appear there. Looking at top 100 models on this site is available in the special section named ‘Awards'. Fans get to vote for the best model among those top 100 ones.

Most of the models have a High-Resolution camera and there are zoom in and zoom out options available also. However, there are some models that doesn't have a good camera, but they can all provide an amazing show no matter what.

VIP shows are available with just a few models and they cost a lot more. Average price for one VIP show is 20 credits and that show starts at the specific time. It doesn't last long and it is not available to everyone. Only the fastest ones can book the place in VIP show and when the timer reaches 0.00, the show starts.

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