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Our Pal Talk Review

Paltalk is one of the oldest video group chat services available online at this moment. Launched in 1998, it has evolved in one of the most powerful and secure platforms that allows people with an Internet connection from all over the world get together for chatting and more.

What’s really really cool about Paltalk is that it hosts thousands of chat rooms on hundreds of topics. So no matter what your interest is, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a chat room where you can meet people with the same passion as you willing to chat, share their knowledge and have fun after all.

Using is totally free and besides that it comes with lots of nice and useful features that I’m sure you’ll enjoy big time. For example, you can use the service in a web browse or you can download and install a desktop version of it and even a mobile version. Paltalk is available for Windows, Android, iOs and Mac.

Being a service that’s been online for over 20 years now you can imagine the huge number of people know about it and use it everyday. I believe this is the strongest point to bring in front when you talk about Paltalk and this is the main reason for which we’d recommend becoming a member of the community. You’ll join that huge group of people, literally huge and from all corners of the web, all of them sharing a certain passion or having fun meeting other strangers!

The site has a modern design and in terms of usability you couldn’t expect better. It looks like obeying the highest web standards which makes it easy and safe for use even by people with less technical experience. Another good thing about the site is the fact that it is available in 9 different languages which means that pretty much anyone with a big of online browsing history shouldn’t have any issues with it.

The desktop and mobile applications also come handy for those who prefer the ease of using a web service through it’s proprietary application which gets updated whenever there’s a need for that.

Regarding the chat application it self we can tell you that it’s also simple and has a modern design which doesn’t make you unhappy to view each time you want to chat. The design helps you easily find the features you want to use at any moment and allow you to read text with ease and watch live video feeds the same way.

Finally we’d like to offer you some recommendations regarding behavior using the service. Make sure you don’t disrespect the people you’re going to chat with, be aware of your language and try not to use forbidden words and just make sure you behave decently when you’re inside live video chat rooms. And of course, happy chatting and good luck in meeting the coolest people out there that you’ll have great fun with!

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