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Omegle is one of the first free online chat sites that allowed users to chat with strangers they got paired with randomly. Using this service does not require any type of registration, you just type in your interests (if you want to) and then just click to get paired with some stranger. You can also select whether you’d like a text chat or a video chat. Video chats also include a text messaging section that you can use whenever you need it. was launched on March 25, 2009 and in about a month it was already having over 150k page views daily. A year after that, the site introduced the video conferencing feature. Now the site also offers it’s fans a mobile application they can use for chatting with strangers from their mobile devices, such as smartphone or tablets.

The site also has a feature dedicated to students that helps them get in touch with other students. In order for one to get paired with a stddent, he or she has to enter a .edu email address which is the guarantee that the person is indeed in college. So if you’re a student and you’d prefer to chat specifically with stranger students, then this is going to be quite helpful!

Regarding ease of usage, the site is indeed very simple and easy to use. The layout looks a bit oldish but I guess that’s something not many people will have an issue with as long as the functionality provides them with what they are really looking for which is definitely hooking up with some stranger willing to chat about the same subject of interest. They also have a live counter that shows the number of online people available for chat in real time. At this time there are 23,000+ stranger chat partners that you could get in touch with as we speak. So feel free to pay omegle a visit now and try your luck.

Please be aware that video is monitored and you should keep your conversations decent a clean. Even if that wouldn’t be the case, common sense requires every one to pay attention to their behavior and make sure that they don’t misbehave, which is something that wouldn’t not be tolerated in any decent community.

So please feel free to start your adventure with one of the oldest random chat sites out there, one of those of the highest quality that you can fully trust. There are plenty of amazing people to get in touch with to talk about pretty much anything you’d be interested in. This is indeed a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over the world, learn about different cultures, share your own experiences and gain knowledges from those who have it and don’t mind sharing it. And of course, if you’ll ever think about getting naughty with a person you’ll meet on Omegle, just make sure you take the necessary precautions in order to have everything right and don’t risk being banned or thrown away from chatting!

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