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Our Islive (Dutch) Review

Upon approaching, you will be required to confirm your age, read the warnings with regards to the site content / policy and also agree with the terms and conditions as to enter the site fully.

After reading the clause, the choice is yours! You may click ‘I disagree LEAVE’, or you may wish to click ‘I Agree ENTER’ at the bottom of the screen to proceed...

You are now free to browse!

The site is very simple, there are no annoying ads to distract you from your purpose and the basic design layout makes for easy use and site navigation.

At the top left hand side of the Home screen you will see a list of countries that you can select in order to set your preferred language. You may wish to ensure to do this as the text will predominantly appear in Deutsch!

Underneath are a list of options and their icons, starting with ‘Live performers’ which allows you to see who is ready and available online at that current time. 

IsLive Models

Next, you have ‘All performers’ and here you can browse through the entire selection of models who broadcast live on this site.

In the center you will see that you can choose your interest, whether that be ‘Women’, ‘Men’, or ‘Trans’.

Over to the right you can select your age preferences or make a specific model requirement search (such as hair color and orientation), in the drop down list that is provided.

The performers

Every model has a small icon that includes a photograph, with their name at the top and their status and ‘information’ icon at the bottom. For most of which you will see that you can click the button reading ‘Start Chat’ in green.

However, if this button is highlighted red, this indicates that they are not available at this time.

IsLive Model Profile

If you decide to explore an amateur who is either on or offline, as a guest user, you will be directed to a new page in order to view a snippet of the model’s profile and prompted to either access via telephone or create an account and sign up.

Gaining instant access

Using a telephone call and payment, gives you instant and quick access to all of the features of the website. This is providing you unlimited admission and costs 0.80 EUROS per minute.

One major benefit of using this method is that there is no need to sign up and the access you receive will be anonymous!

Becoming a registered user

Otherwise, when you decide to choose to register, the text in the box will change, asking you to provide a valid email address and also choose the password that you wish to use.

First, a message and notification will appear in the center of your screen requesting you to check your email to confirm your account and then another, that informs you that you have no credit (while the background redirects you to a page that reveals the pricing and packages that are available for purchase).

Always remember to check your ‘Spam’ folder for missing mail when you look for a message from the site which will require you to follow the link to confirm your registration.

IsLive Purchase Packages

Following the link will also open up a new page that will prompt you to make a payment and purchase your most ideal package.

There are several deals to choose from and for the price you pay you will receive minute in the form of credits. Obviously, the more you spend the more minutes and credits you will receive!

The benefits of becoming a paid user is that you will gain full access to the features of the site and thus be able to interact and enjoy your experience to the maximum degree and gain full entry to all of the features of the site.

Selecting a credit package

Step 1

There are several deals that you can choose from, each of which are one off payments that will not be recharged as a monthly subscription.

Step 2

Requires you to pick your payment method. You have a choice between using ‘iDeal‘ or your ‘Credit card’.

The third and final step, Step 3

(if you are choosing ‘iDeal’) is a list of bank selections that you can choose from.

If you were to choose the option to use your ‘Credit card’, you will find yourself a notification to confirm this decision and then continue forward to the form for filling in your billing details.

IsLive Card Payment

You will not be able to continue further and use any extra features on the site, neither will your membership become completely valid until you buy a package and top up the credit within your account.

The downside

So, even if you were to go to the Home screen and select a model that you wish to view, you will once again, be redirected to the payment page as to place an order to buy credits.

There will be no access or preview to the room and no opportunity to began chat, send a message or anything until you have followed through with this procedure.

Every time you login to your account this is the page you will see until you top up your credit balance. The restriction leaves you with not much choice, or you will have to find somewhere else to go and enjoy a visual experience with beautiful erotic broadcasting models.

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