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Our Espana Cam (Spanish) Review is a free Spanish cam site that has a very simple design and layout. If you cannot understand the Spanish language, then you may wish to translate the page before continuing to use this site.

Two main factors

The only downside to using a page translator is that not all the words will be changed and the ones that are may not make complete sentences.

The plus side is that with this particular simple and easy design layout is that there are no irritating ads and the sole focus of the site is on the models that are contained without the need for advertising products or anything which may be distracting and irrelevant.

EspanaCam Home

Explore and look around

Upon entering the Home screen, you are greeted with a short list of search options including ‘CHAT PORNO GRATIS’, ‘ACCESO TELEFONICO’, ‘YO SOLO SEXO’. Underneath you will see the icons with photos of those who are available and ready for action.

Each cam icon not only has a photo but a model name and language. You will also see in the top left hand corner of each a status, it may be green and read ‘ONLINE’, or there may be a pink button reading ‘NUEVA’ (which means ‘new’ in Spanish) and some models may have an orange button reading ‘GRATIS’ (which means ‘free’ in Spanish).

The performers

When you click on the model you like, you will be transferred to the list page which is a zoomed in version of the cam icons.

EspanaCam Live Performers

You must then again select the model of choice to be redirected to the live chat page.

Understanding how it works

The ‘online’ status and ‘gratis’ may also read with ‘2 CAM’ following which means that they are broadcasting. Those who state that they are ‘GRATIS’ or ‘GRATIS 2 CAM’ you will be able to view their show without any hassle.

EspanaCam Model Room

You will see the screen to the left with the show and underneath are the icons again, should you wish to browse.

To the right of the screen you will see where the chat room is supposed to be with a message that is asking you to write your name as to enter. You will only be able to participate in chat if you are signed in with your name.

EspanaCam Live Chat

This is as far as you will get for free with this site and the time is also limited when you enter the live show.

Taking it further

Those who have anything else stated other than ‘GRATIS’, instead of being able to view their show and chat, you will be redirected to a page that prompts you to buy credits.

EspanaCam Buy Credits

At the top the page reads ‘CREDITOS POR TARJETA’ which in Spanish means ‘buying credits with a card’.

You can purchase one of two options as to continue to reveal full access to the rest of the site. There is first the package of 100 Credits for $14.99 or you may wish to splash out slightly more for 300 credits at $49.99.

Completing a payment

Once you have selected the option that you wish to buy, you are then required to first create a username in the first box below and then a password in the box underneath that.

You must make sure that your password is not too simple and the best way to do this is to add numbers and ensure that it is the equivalent of six characters or more.

Once completed, this will then take you to a screen that requests the rest of your bank details to continue with the transaction.

You may also select the ‘ACCESO TELEFONICO’ option across the top of the Home screen as to enter the telephone mode, but you will be presented with the same access information and be required to fill in the forms in the same manner.

EspanaCam Payment


By selecting this option on the Home screen, you will be redirected to a different site.

EspanaCam YosoloSexo

This website is also in the Spanish language and upon entering you will be required to confirm that you are interested in viewing the adult content by selecting the blue button as to continue.

EspanaCam YosoloSexo Filter

Once confirmed, you will then have access to the new site and the Home screen. Once again, you may wish to ensure that you use the option to ‘Translate page’ in order to understand the contents.

Overall conclusion is mainly exclusive for those who have a good grasp of the Spanish language. Therefore, anyone who struggles with this may have a hard time using the site and getting on with the models.

It is also best to sign up and make sure that you have credits, otherwise you are extremely restricted to limited features of the website and will not be able to fully enjoy the browsing.

The site only contains female performers and so if you are interested in anything else, you may not be satisfied with the contents of this specific cam site.

That is why there is the option of ‘YO SOLO SEXO’ where you can enter a different collective that pays interest in the gay community (you must click the 18+ icon in orange to the right of the center of the screen) and also caters for the needs of those who wish to see male models as well as simply females.

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